+DOG+ ‎– The Family Music Book Volume 2 CDr

" Unapologetically murky, yet sonically clear, The Family Music Book Vol 2 delivers an onslaught of biting, rabid noise born from the soundscapes of their studio releases. Dark static dances with pulsing frequencies in a cloud of industrial waste. Voices emerge from the chaos – tortured, demonic screams emanating from an unrelenting black void. It all culminates with “368 Miles,” recorded during 2013’s NorCal Noisefest in Sacramento, where the vocals take center stage as the psychotic ramblings of a madman on a murderous rampage, inhumanly possessed by the singular desire for total decimation. Comparatively, the following, final “Good News Bad News” feels like hangover poison as a comedown. It’s an unsettling experience of churning angst, rhythmic rage and nihilistic electronics. "

Released on Love Earth Music