Fire In The Head ‎– Carrion Wind CD

" Since resuming recording, F/I/T/H's work has taken a new direction. Carrion Wind is an ambitious work which seemingly consolidates the sounds explored with F/I/T/H and Sky Burial into a single project, focusing them into a complex and meticulously composed 63 minute industrial opus, a dark and ominous dirge both beautiful and brutal. Noticeably absent are Page's vocals as this disc takes a more restrained approach favoring slow layering of synths, field recordings, metal percussion, guitar loops and electronics to build a tension which occasionally peaks at an explosive level comparable to the shorter tracks of F/I/T/H's previous releases. Carrion Wind vacillates between minimalist and maelstrom blurring the lines between industrial, dark ambient, drone, doom and noise. "

Released on Turgid Animal